What are the most popular home renovation changes in 2022

Home renovation is constantly changing, and it will continue to do so in the future. This is because of how our homes function as a reflection of our changing society—a society that is constantly adapting to new technologies and lifestyles in order to improve quality of life.

Whether you’re building or buying a new home, looking to update your home with a kitchen reno or bathroom reno, or doing some landscaping work outside of your existing home, here are the top 10 renovations of 2022:

1. Glass walls

Glass walls are both a design trend and a means to conserve energy. With glass walls, you’ll be able to enjoy the view while also minimizing the amount of heat that escapes through the windows. The change in materials needed to make outdoor spaces more comfortable is contributing to other structural changes in homes as well, including a lowering of ceilings.

2. Colored kitchen cabinets

Kitchens have long been a place for creativity, and it’s not a stretch to say that kitchens today are as far from the pasty white kitchen of yesteryear as you can get. In fact, the same trends that are influencing homes are also influencing kitchens. Colorful cabinets were once considered tacky and gimmicky, but thanks to an increased demand for more natural materials and new methods of design, they’re back in style.

3. Outdoor pergolas

More and more homeowners are turning to pergolas, sunrooms, and outdoor kitchens to create an outdoor space that will actually be used. In 2022, homeowners will be choosing pergolas made from wood or even clear panels, rather than the string-lights-and-a-tablecloth trend of today.

4. Curved stairs

Curved stairs on a grand scale are hard to find in today’s modern homes, but that’s all changing as homeowners increasingly look for designs and materials that reflect their personalities.

5. The return of the fireplace

The fireplace is expected to make a comeback in homes in 2022, with an increase in homes featuring them as chic, the main features of the living room. One of the trends that has been driving this change is “self-sustaining” fireplaces that are not only stylish and beautiful, but also use alternative fuels like wood pellets. Why? Because they allow homeowners to completely avoid gas, gas logs or electric options something many people consider a safety and environmental improvement over today’s fireplaces.

6. Vintage elements.

Homes have a tendency to get newer, sleeker, and more modern over time. However, there are those who believe that one should go back to the “old” ways of the homes of their bygone generations. Many homeowners today are choosing to include vintage home elements in their homes. This is likely due to the fact that it makes homes look totally different without actually being less modern or not as extreme as in other made-over homes.

7. Large master bathrooms

The master bathroom has changed significantly in the past few years, but there’s still room for improvement. As homes get larger, homeowners are building master bathrooms that are as big or even bigger than the bedrooms themselves. Bathrooms with oversized tubs, his and hers sinks, freestanding tubs, and elaborate shower systems are all making a comeback.

As you can see, the home renovation trends are constantly changing and homeowners are always looking for ways to overhaul their homes – even in the smallest of ways. These remodeling trends will continue to change in 2022 as well.